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My Words To My Patients -Dr.M.A.Aleem

My Words To My Patients -Dr.M.A.Aleem

My *expectations* from my *patients*.

■ Please bring your *old medical records* but *don't bring* your *opinion* about your old doctor... I am *no better* than him/her...

■ Wait *patiently* in the *queue*...

■ My phone is for *EMERGENCY*...

■ If you want, please do *wish* me when u meet me in a marriage or birthday party or a hotel but *don't* discuss your health problems there also...

■ Dont *praise* me that I saved you, because I didn't do anything *extra*, it's my *duty to treat*... It is *God* who heals, but when there is a *complication* please *understand* it's also *His wish*... Many complications, adverse effects of drugs are *not* my work... It's sometimes *your own body* which responds in a *peculiar* way...

■ If you are *not happy* with my work, *go away* to my *brother* or *sister* colleague, don't just *waste* your time...

■ Take my advice, *don't read internet* and *decide* about your *treatment*, I *don't* repair my computer seeing instructions on internet, so also you *can't* get treatment on *Google*...

■ Come *prepared* with your complaints... I am happy if you *write and bring* especially *points* and I can answer your points *well*...

■ *Don't answer your mobile* in *my cabin*, keep it on *SILENT mode* and *LISTEN to* me...

I end acknowledging that I am called a *_Doctor_ only because of you*... When you are in my cabin, you are only my *"Patient "* and *NOT* an *Officer* or *Minister* or *Media Man* or *Teacher*
and in the end I *remind* you that I too am a *_Human Being_* like you...

*Thank You*...

Thursday, November 16, 2017

National Epilepsy Day 2017 November 17th - Dr.M A.Aleem Interview in The New Indian Express Trichy on 17.11.2017

Guidelines based management in psychiatric disorders can also address medico-legal issues.. Aleem.M.A., Hakkim. A.M. BMJ 2017;359:j5248


Head To Head

Maudsley Debate

Has the Mental Health Act had its day?

BMJ 2017; 359 doi: (Published 16 November 2017)

Cite this as: BMJ 2017;359:j5248

Rapid response

Re: Has the Mental Health Act had its day?

Guidelines based management in psychiatric disorders can also address medico-legal issues.

Investigations and treatments including counselling for patients with mental health disorders must be based on definite guidelines. This guidelines based approach in managing psychiatric illnesses will also address to avoid any medico-legal problems arising out of minor or major psychiatric disorders.

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16 November 2017

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